Being Beautiful

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Be your own kind of beautiful. This concept of beauty is really intriguing. Certainly one's idea of what's beautiful isn't always consistent with another's. It's interesting that even a person's idea of his or her own self-image can be skewed. It took many years to come to terms with my sense of self. Always comparing myself to others and never feeling good enough. I beleive this is a struggle many face.  


So how then should beauty be defined? Well, if something about you or someone else makes you feel good, then that's beautiful. Embrace that. Internalize that feeling and allow it to fuel your confidence. Contrary to that is if you experience negative feelings about your self or self-image, work to fix it, even if that means embracing your flaws and transforming them into positives. Explore your uniqueness and capitalize on that. There is something about you noone else have. Take your insecurities and make them beautiful. Love all parts of you and treat yourself well and be just as kind to others.


Before you know it, you'll start to see a change in how you feel about you. 


With regard to what's beautiful in others, well, something! What you may not find attractive or compelling, another will. Be respectful of others. Don't frown, or impose your views on them because by doing so, you become what's ugly, as well as your judgement. There's beauty in difference. We should all try to embrace it. 

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