Makeup To Compliment Your Spring/Summer Look: 2017

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We hope by now you understand the importance to having flawless skin, as well as, impeccable makeup. Just as accessories pull together a look, creating personality and style, makeup creates polish to that style.


For 2017 spring and summer it's all about bold accents, healthy looking skin and eyeliner. Let's begin with bold accents, bold lips or shadows are essential this season. It's your choice between the two, but don't combine them in the same look, it may come off too harsh or brash. For lips it's all about the bold matte finish in colors like red, orange and pink. Keep eyes bright and fun and don't be afraid to use color.


Natural skin, natural skin, did we say, natural skin?! Yes, we're all about this trend and it's BACK in a modern, chic and youthful way. You can achieve this look with creamy matte finishes, taupe shadows on lids and nude or pink-nude glosses by itself or over a subtle colored lip stain. Need a little more color? Then amp up your neude and natural look with bronzed, dewy skin by sweeping bronzer over your cheeks and eyes.


Winged eyeliner was big in the last season but this season's version is more graphic with a classic, yet modern feel. Basically..., get funky with it! Pair it with fuller brows. Create smoky eyes by deepening the color on the lash line and smudging the shadow.


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