Why Handmade Jewelry Is Worth The Investment

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Wearing jewelry to improve or accentuate a look is a woman's quintessential approach to making an impression or statement. But today, many women are wearing similar styles in an attempt to be on trend, and therefore exhibit little to no individuality in their style. It's no longer true that handmade jewelry and accessories are difficult to come by as many e-tailers now offer the option. But it is rare to find unique and luxury handmade jewelry and accessories. The beauty of handmade products even high-end pieces is whether or not they are produced in greater quantities; each piece will vary because of the improbability of exacting every detail.

Unique jewelry and accessories are a bit difficult to come by as many retailers offer the same types of things, maybe in a different color, but still the same, to satisfy the search on the trending items shoppers look for. More often than note, unique or one-of-a-kind pieces are more expensive than its counterpart, but in most cases, it is well worth the investment, especially when it's handmade.


Skilled artisans or designers who have a unique view of the world are generally the crafters of handmade jewelry. They fashion artifices according to their imagination and artistic view on life. Those who share talents with the world, and do so with out the usage of factory mass production, and take their craft a bit further by fashioning each piece by hand offer customers more than just exclusivity, the customer purchases a piece of art, quality merchandise and product authenticity.


Of course there's a higher price tag for skill and workmanship of handcrafted items, but at Y-CLAD we design pieces with price in mind and work with artisans that do the same. However, you must understand that artisans take pride in 

the jewelry they make by hand and often spend an insurmountable amount of time on each piece, perfecting it and utilizing the highest quality materials to fashion a one-of-a-kind piece each time. That extra 'love' that exists in hand produced jewelry provides a level of distinction and extraordinary opulence that does not generally exist in manufactured jewelry.


This uniqueness and quality make handmade jewelry a worth wile investment. Y-CLAD prides itself in providing some of the most extraordinary jewels, as well as, a diverse collection to choose from. Our price points vary to fit customer's varying budgets. Y-CLAD's collections include unique pieces like the ZZ Leather Stackable Bracelets, which is consistent with the trend of stacking jewelry, but maintains exclusivity by its design elements, mixing gold and silver metals with leather.


The unique look and feel of these bracelets gives off an expression of luxury that is chic and and yet fun. Pair them with a slightly less bold necklace like we've done here with our Y-CLAD model. As seen on model, we offer a moon cut Rosary that although dainty, it radiates a shine and shimmer much like diamonds so that you're extra flossy. Each bead on the Rosary necklace is hand carved to provide a dull resistant bling you can't resist. Stack it with Y-CLAD's Ball Pendant Necklace as seen here on the left for a stackable look and some extra added style.


Making a statement with jewelry demonstrates individual style and character, so express that individuality with one-of-a-kind finds.


And remember beauties, "Love Life & Wear It Well!" - y-clad

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