Welcome To Y-CLAD CHAT

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Welcome to Y-CLAD CHAT


From Talk-Radio to Lifestyle Blog. Y-CLAD Chat began as an Internet radio show and after a successful two years on BlogTalkRadio, we decided to transition our efforts from talk-radio to lifestyle blog.


Y-CLAD Chat will in inspire. We aim to encourage and inspire confidence, teach fellow Y-Clad'ers to love their look with information to help enhance their finer qualities, as well as, tips to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Y-CLAD Chat is informative. We will fill you in on industry news, keep you in the know with fashion and style, with a focus on jewels and accessories, touch on lifestyle education and keep you abreast of industry content and information that will develop both your personal and professional lives.


We execute high profile interviews to bring you relevant information you can apply in your everyday lives.



Check out Own's Network, Home Made Simple's Lauren Makk on Y-CLAD Chat:

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