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Large Moon Cut Hoop Earrings

Classic hoop earrings with lots of bling!Moon-cut is a new technique used for more shimmer and shine..


Masquerade Earrings

Pale blue and green chalcedony gem stone earrings, embellished with cubic zirconia stones and set in..


Moana Earrings

Silver, mixed metal and 24kt gold-plated shoulder duster earrings. For pierced ears, Moana Earrings ..


Moonlight Earrings

Light blue chalcedony earrings set in set in 18kt gold and embellished with zirconia stones. For pie..


Omia Earrings

Omia Earrings are an eccentric pair of earrings. Set in 22kt gold, they feature leather strips and g..


Saturn Earrings

Platinum over .925 sterling silver, moon cut, five-ring earrings embellished with silver beads.Color..


Shell Earrings

Shell shaped earrings in options of gold or sterling silver plated finishes. For pierced ears, Shell..


Sun-Kissed Blossom Earrings

Yellow moonstone encircled by blue chalcedony and aqua quartz stones. Sun-Kissed Blossom earrings ar..


Turquoise Stud Earrings

Turquoise studded earrings set in 22kt plated gold, embellished with cubic zirconia stones and compl..


Voyeur Earrings

Long drop chain earrings complete with fish hook enclosures.Product details:Length: 6inOffered in pi..