About Us

KC Benain - Founder of Y-CLAD INC. (Pronounced ee-klad)

Y-CLAD is a premium lifestyle brand and retailer of luxury handmade jewelry and fashion accessories.

The origin of Y-CLAD. "Yclad" is an archaic, middle English word from the 1300's, which by definition is "to clothe or to accessorize."

Y-CLAD is your resource for fine and luxury items, simply put 'THE' Accessories Destination to shop exclusive finds.
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For KC, it all began as leisure shopping. While she and her husband traveled the Caribbean, KC would buy eccentric artifices from each destination as keepsakes. Her friends, family and colleagues would inquire about those very pieces and eventually purchase her unique jewels. A once fun and adventurous interest developed into a vocation of, first procuring and later, designing unique jewelry.

KC and her team curate's with a keen eye, a diverse collection of jewels and accessories and offer collections with price points that vary from higher-end pieces to more affordable ones. Y-CLAD's assortment of jewels and accessories are unique, yet functional, handmade but luxury and fashioned from some of the world's finest materials. We've teamed up with trendsetting designers who fashion fresh, unique and cutting-edge jewelry and accessories. 

Y-CLAD procures these one-of-a-kind pieces from across the globe to bring you avant-garde styles. Y-CLAD isn't just jewelry, it's an EXPERIENCE. We cultivate events around our collections and offer clients a New York City experiential affair, aligning our extraordinary clients with jewels to match.

It's Y-CLAD's mission to inspire beauty and to accentuate the life and beauty within you! Our adage, Love life & wear it well...

In the area or would like to schedule an appointment to view our collections, simply give us a call at 212.644.6445 or drop us a line at y-clad@y-clad.com